Artwork Gallery

Alphabet Reimagined

The image above shows my own version of the alphabet that I created for a class assignment. This was the first version of the alphabet I created in my own style. Although different the letters can still be seen as recognizable for this first version. Divided and bent the shape of the letters have an organic movement that stands out on its own without the requiring assistance of anything else.

Reverse Alternative alphabet

This is another creation of an alternative of the alphabet that I made using the colors blue, green, white and yellow. I transformed my first creation into a second version reimagined. It is shown in a bedroom due to the creation being an overall uplifted version of the original alphabet. The layout of the bedroom style is calm, and the poster does not overpower that serenity essence.

Crazy Chocolate Factory

The picture above shows an assignment are a from a project I was working on for a fall semester class. The assignment was to create our own chocolate bar company. My company was called, Crazy Cheap Chocolate, the mission of the company was to create affordable tasty chocolate worldwide for customers to enjoy. The company had different varieties of chocolate in their line of products that ranged from sweet to semi-sweet. In the picture of above there are three different items the pink chocolate bar is ruby chocolate, the second chocolate bar with white detail is milk chocolate. The last one is a semi-sweet chocolate bar. Also, as a personal creative choice I decided to design a unique logo and include it on each chocolate bar.

Go Gym Application

This was a group project where the goal of the assignment was to come up with a solution to a problem within the gym community. Through research and conducting surveys the problem most civilians were facing when it came to the lack of not going to the gym or reduce gym time was due to the equipment. The solution, an app that shows animated demos of how to use the equipment. The application can be very useful to those who are in the gym community. It allows individuals to keep up with their routine and if there was a day skipped it would be recorded in the memory database, which can be made up by the individual in their next workout if they choose to take that particular route.

Scientific study of the mind and emotions

These pictures are from one of my recent projects where I had to come up with a solution that would minimalize loneliness among young adults. The last picture is filled with 25 sketches of a possible product to which I thought would help decrease loneliness. The one before is an aesthetic background featuring a level of a high prototype product. The aesthetic background was required as part of the project. I chose to be mindful of the items in the background of my product, in the center resting. I incorporated white roses as a background prop as a symbolism of hope and grace. This assignment allowed me to research and dive deep into the source of loneliness as well as the minds of young adults. The first picture is a scientific poster that shows how over the course of the assignment each step I took in order to get to the finalized product.

Constellation and History

The photos above are from a creative art history assignment that was connected to before World War 2. In the photo of the written description is a more detailed explanation of my work. I chose to recreate a popular part of that time period because it was related and interesting when it was being taught during the time. I am not experienced in recreating photos and the actual photo does seem to have more constellations on it compared to mind. Adjustments were made because of the way each constellation is angled. Making sure the appropriate lines cross each other and that the amount of space is consistent. But even though there are not as many constellations in my piece as I think it turned out well for a first recreation. Originally the arts of architect made a way for houses to be seen in a different light then compared to average looking ones back in the time period. The use of modern materials changed perspective to a classic model.

Re-envisioning Charity Foundation

This project allowed me to reinvent a non-profit organization of my choice. The original website contained errors of misspelling and functionality of the navigation bar. This non-profit organization is for children who have dealt with or going through neglect and abuse. The website had errors that made me as a viewer want to exit the website immediately and not revisit in the future. I wanted to make changes both for the visual appearance and functionality. Although it was a website about children it did not give that impression to me at first glance. I made color choices as my way of reimagining a children’s website while still maintaining a professional standpoint. I recreated the website and mobile version using both Adobe Illustrator and XD for designs and layout.

Pharmaceutical Advancement

The image above shows one of my most recent works in the past few months. the objective was to redesign a pharmaceutical company. I designed a mobile application mockup of the new modernized pharmacy company I worked on within my fall semester class. In the photo there are details containing miniature designs that reflected the rebranding and modernized version of the company.

Climate Disaster

This was a class assignment, and the goal was to design a website that would help promote and bring awareness to climate change, based on the information we learn from the client’s work. All facts and information the client can use on the website that would be viewed by a lot of people both near and far the area. The website could also be seen on mobile devices not just a desktop. The articles written would contain current news in areas that have been hit with a disaster and update on the situation would be notified to those both in that area of the disaster and outside. The is room for discussion along with content sharing to different platforms and likes or shares too are possible for the viewers.

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